The #1 Reason You Should Use VTS:


VTS Updates

VTS is updated relentlessly.  All the time.  Some updates are due to changes in the Forex market, others because of changes in the MetaTrader platform (like the Build 600 update), but most changes are suggestions from our thousands of VTS users in over 90 countries world wide.

Don't get stuck with an EA builder that can't repsond to the fast-changing Forex market.


Need More Reasons? No Problem. Here's Another 18.

  • With VTS, you drag, drop and connect elements on a drawing pad, then push a button to generate flawless MQL code … Most of us think in terms of diagrams and pictures, so why not build your EA the same way?
  • Each time you add a new element to your drawing, VTS generates clear-text MQL code ... You’re never held up with annoying syntax errors.
  • Once you create something you can use it again and again. Anything you create in VTS is saved in the toolbox where it can be easily reused … Reuse saves time and helps you avoid careless mistakes.

  • All well-known technical indicators and your custom indicators are available to drag, drop and connect on the drawing pad … There’s no need to search through the MetaTrader documentation to find the available indicators, they’re all in the toolbox.

  • There's a handy wizard to analyze the output of any custom indicator… Your custom indicators are used in your Expert Advisor just like any other indicator.

  • You can find the trend or average value of any indicator with the check of a box … This allows you to use your indicators in unique ways that very few other traders use them.

  • You can save any EA you've created as a template, and then use it as a starting point for your next EA … Save your time and avoid costly mistakes by building your EA on top of a solid and proven foundation.

  • You can easily set your stoploss and takeprofit to any value, including indicators or price values - for example the lowest price of the last candle … Remember, uncommon stoploss values are less likely to be hunted!

  • By checking a box, any element on your drawing writes its latest value directly onto your MetaTrader price chart … There is simply no better way to understand how your EA works than to watch these messages as your EA runs.
  • You can apply global time-based rules, to stop or start trading at specific days and times… This makes it easy to avoid trading in dangerously quiet markets.
  • You can add snippets of MQL code anywhere on your drawing. This is the ultimate work-around to solve any problem.
  • You can create a cross-over strategy by selecting a single menu option.

... and VTS is Extendable ...
  • Identify over 50 Candlestick patterns … Open and close your trades based on some well-known and some not-so-well-known candlestick patterns.
  • Send an email over a secure connection (this is not easy to do in MQL) … Get an email when your trades open and close, or when your account balance changes – you can even attach a screenshot of a price chart to your email.
  • Stop all trading when a specified profit level is reached … Take your money and run! Don’t risk losing after you’ve already banked your profit for the day.
  • Automatically build an EA in an unlimited number of MetaTrader platforms … Don’t we all have a bunch of MetaTrader platforms installed these days? I know I do.
  • Create a fully functioning Trading Grid with a few clicks of your mouse … Trading Grids are super-powerful. Build and customize your own grid in minutes.

And remember, Your EAs, Your strategies, Your secrets are secure, because VTS is installed locally and only You have access to it.

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See VTS in Action, Watch my short video as I overview just some of the key features of VTS

Click here to see our full line of Expert Advisor Builders and Plug-ins

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